All opinions on All your interests

Social network with real holistic 360° perspective on your world

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All opinions on All your interests

Social network with real holistic 360° 

perspective on your world


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Spread the word about Spiral

Spread the word about Spiral

New Social Network inspired by Wikipedia topics 


Giving you a 360° understanding on what's happening in your world

Spiral is the first and only social network that gives you the choice to explore any topic by focusing on a unique community, by visiting the neighboring communities or by observing from a bird's eye view what everyone thinks on it.

Find your tribe in the world

Meet people who think like you. Stay in the loop with your friends and chosen communities. Share, laugh, and engage. Create your own communities and manage them your way. Your close connections are always front and center.

Discover Spiral Topics

Spiral Topic Pages gather a kaleidoscope of opinions, thoughts, feelings and news, giving you a 360° understanding of what matters to you. See a curated feed of content related to your interests, passions, and current explorations.

Customizable personas and walls

Create up to three distinct personas, each with their own dedicated walls and favorite topics. Share the foodie in you, the gamer, the philosopher – the possibilities are endless. Get control over your privacy, set expiration dates for your posts and the posts in the communities you manage.


For your Wikipedia page, Spiral can be the bridge between you and a dynamic, interactive communities.

Organizations, celebrities, politicians, and anyone with a Wikipedia page can now unlock vibrant communities around their profile. Spiral extends your Wikipedia presence, creating a space for clients, fans, and supporters to engage, collaborate, and share their perspectives.

Spark meaningful conversations

fans, followers or clients can create sub-communities surrounding specific interests, books, movies or causes. Imagine dedicated spaces for discussing your music's inspiration, dissecting your characters, or rallying behind your charity work – all revolving around your Wikipedia page ecosystem

Foster authentic connections

Interact directly with your followers in a focused environment. Answer questions, share behind-the-scenes insights, and participate in discussions they care about. Cultivate an engaged community that feels truly connected to you, beyond the impersonal nature of traditional social media.

Boost your Wikipedia engagement

Spiral Social drives traffic to your Wikipedia page, increasing its visibility and accuracy. Fans become invested in maintaining and enriching your online biography, creating a win-win situation for everyone.